Forum Mondial 3Zéro 2023


Hasan Omar

Glow Innovations



Mr. Omar is a serial entrepreneur, business enabler, startup growth expert, international mentor, researcher and public speaker. His career for 25+ years is in entrepreneurship, innovation, business incubation and acceleration, self-employment, TVET, technology transfer, digitization commercialization and cloud services. He contributed heavily to the development of the entrepreneurship (business, social and green), innovation, mentorship, business clusters, digital marketing and online freelancing in Palestine and the region. Hasan is a Board Member @ the Higher Council for Innovation & Excellence and a Global Business Incubation Management (BIM) certified expert by the World Bank infoDev program since 2012. He is the executive co-founder and CEO of the first business incubator in Palestine (PICTI) – 2004. He is also the founder of DARZE - Fashion Design Innovation Hub and TVET Incubator, CLUSTER-PRENEURS, Palestine Network of Mentors (PNM) and the CEO of “GLOW Innovations, Development and Investment” - a specialized firm in providing consultation, training, investment and mentoring business services to incubators, startups and entrepreneurs. A Computer Engineer with a master’s degree in International Cooperation and Development.

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